Friday, November 14, 2008

Lunch Date with Friends

As ordinary as this picture may seem, this is a rare occasion at the Owens house. You see, usually at meal times there are a lot more that ONE sitting at the table! I guess Addison felt a little alone & grabbed her friends for a lunch date! Ah... Addison, 3 babies, Tigger and Pinkie-Pie Pony... that's more like it!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

We love you, Hooks Family! (aka: Ode to Girlfriends)

Ok, I just don't even know what to say! Jenna & Andy Hooks & their sweet children, Russ, Henley & Will, are moving to Benton, AR tomorrow. They are such good friends & our whole family will miss them terribly! We sure will miss Andy's artistic abilities & Jenna's "being led" to say just the right thing!!! We hope you'll come and visit us soon & often. We just HAVE to have our girls nite/day out, & don't forget the new Wii-Smackdowns! We love you guys!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween PM Pics

Here are the cute pictures from last night! (Clay & I decided not to dress up this year, we're scary enough as it is!)

Trick or Treat!

Here they are in all their glory! Halloween was so much fun this year! To start off the day, Adrienne had "Old McDonald Dress-up Day" where she chose to dress up as the farmer's wife. She looked too cute in her prairie dress, dishrag apron & wire-rimmed, lense-less (post-Audrey) glasses! The twins went to their school where they had their annual Fall Festival. One full hour was not enough for Abby, who wanted to do it ALL! Audrey got her hair sprayed hot pink, won a 2-liter sprite, & kept her helpers hoppin'! Addison got to stay home & play with Daddy (as I sold nachos all day at the Fall Festival!).

That evening, the girls got all dressed up for trick-or-treating! They all looked adorable, even in their craft-foam & felt costumes! Audrey stayed in full character, I don't think she spoke 10 "words" when she was in her puppy outfit! Abby went up to one house to trick-or-treat & when the man gave her a piece of candy, she looked at him & said "More!"

We all had a great time & got WAY too much candy. Maybe I should put some of this back for Christmas... Hmm... Do you think the girls would notice if they got "gummy bats & ghosts" in their stockings?!

Blessed with so much!

Blessed with so much!