Friday, January 23, 2009

Outside Fun!

I took this video with my camera while we were outside yesterday. It was so warm, I pulled the car to the end of the driveway, & the girls & I spent the next hour racing down it on the plasma cars. SOOOOO fun!
(Don't adjust your volume-- The video is silent because I didn't take it with the video camera, but my photo camera.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Cooking With Abby" & other adventures...

On Monday the 19th, the girls were all out of school, so we had to find plenty of activities to keep the girlies busy! Our first project was baking strawberry muffins for breakfast, closely followed by the making of
a birthday gift: a chocolate house! Then Abby wanted to make cupcakes with her Cupcake Maker, so we turned that into a cooking show (see above picture)! We had so much fun making things and playing games all day long!

Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey & Abby!

WHERE has the time gone?! I KNOW I just delivered these beautiful girls a few months ago! Audrey & Abby turned 6 last Monday, the 19th.

They had their party on the Saturday before, at our house, which was SO FUN for everybody. We even set off a Mentos Rocket outside (thanks, Ro-Ro!). OK, so that was MY favorite part! It was great to see all the friends that came (even the Hooks family drove down to come!) and the ladies are still enjoying all their gifts.

It's hard to believe how far they've come since their tiny 1-pound selves came into this world. Watching Abby play soccer or listening to Audrey spout off a Bible memory verse, and of course, seeing their funny personalities come out & thinking, "Where did she come up with THAT?!" *sigh* Time sure does fly... Can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Monday, January 5, 2009

More Mayhem Pics

These are some more pictures from our post-Christmas mayhem! Clay really likes his new phone; Sarah Hailey (and her family) came & visited after Christmas to share in some holiday leftovers (Sarah was so sweet to our kitten, Handsome, he fell asleep in her lap!); Abby is showing off the first of many cupcakes she'll be making with her new "cupcake maker". (Thanks, Mimi!) Way to go, Chef Abby!

Christmas Mayhem!

Christmas was a BLAST at our house! The girls are really at that age where things are fun for Clay & me.

On Christmas Eve, the girls opened one gift-- a children's Bible-- and we read the Christmas story from it that night. Then, off to bed... not to wake up until---- 7:30am!!! Merry Christmas to me & Clay!

Adrienne was the "early riser" and came into our room whispering, "Wake up, it's Christmas!" Then she did the same thing in the twins' room. Abby jumped up & the two of them ran to the Christmas tree. Every direction that Abby looked, she would gasp in delight & say "Wow!" So funny! As they started playing with the big toys (see above) laid out, the sleepyheads, Audrey & Addison, made their way to the tree & played with them. We opened our wrapped presents & played & made a mess (!!!) & ate candy all morning/afternoon long! It was unseasonably warm outside, so the girls (and me!) got to ride on their new plasma-cars outdoors and in! SO FUN! They came inside for a Princess Lunch at the Castle where the "royal servant"--that would be me, of course, served them lunch and "tea" on a new tea set.
We wrapped things up with some yummy baked potato soup & grilled sandwiches for dinner (with Christmas sweets for dessert!). The girls had an even harder time going to bed that night than before!

Blessed with so much!

Blessed with so much!