Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

New place, new house, new school! That was what was in store for us as we moved to Alvin, TX in Mid-August. We're staying at the church parsonage while we're waiting to close on our Arkansas house & look for a house here.
The twins started first grade and Adrienne started Kindergarten at Hood-Case Elementary on the 25th of August. (Actually, Adrienne started a day later--we had to get shots on the 25th.) They love it and are doing so well.
Clay loves his new place of ministry, as well. The church has been great and he's adjusting well. After being hospitalized for a bout of staph during the move, he's bounced back & is going full-force.
Addison & I stay at home (most days, when we're not out trying to find out what's around us, or going to Wal-Mart for the necessary moving-essentials) and swim through the boxes on treasure hunts for our stuff!
I included a picture of Addison and our cat, Handsome, as I found them (only asleep) after a nap.

A Lot of Catching Up to Do!

OK, OK. So I KNOW it's been ages since I've updated the blog. NO, the girls are NOT in their teens yet! Since the last time I've blogged, Audrey & Abby have graduated Kindergarten, Adrienne graduated Pre-K and had her 5th birthday (July 25), we've taken numerous Summer trips, moved to Texas and started school again! WHEW! Here are some highlights in pictures. I WILL try to keep this updated... promise! :)

Blessed with so much!

Blessed with so much!