Friday, December 4, 2009

A Trip to Kemah Boardwalk

Just before Thanksgiving, Clay's parents & brother came down to Texas for a visit. We took a day trip to Kemah Boardwalk on the gulf and had a great time! The girls loved riding the train & double-decker carousel. Addison had her first experience with Dippin' Dots, which she did not believe was real ice cream. One FUN day! Thanks for coming, Mimi, GrandDaddy & Uncle Clint! We love you!

Not Your Ordinary Gingerbread Man...

When is a gingerbread man not a gingerbread man? When she's a ballerina, of course! Like the twins' Turkey Lurkey project, Adrienne had a gingerbread person she got to dress up. I think she did a fantatic job (& I STILL have super-glue on my fingers!)!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can You Spot the Turkey?

Audrey & Abby had a Thanksgiving week project: Turkey Lurkey doesn't want to be Thanksgiving dinner, so he needed a clever disguise! Abby's turkey was a "hula dancer," complete with lei & poms, and Audrey's was "Cowboy Lurkey," who, of course, has leather boots & a Texas-size belt buckle! I did help a little by cutting out the parts to use, but they did most the work (honest!). I think they look TUR-riffic!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Li'l BOO's!

Happy Halloween, everybody! This year, we had an Audrey pumkin, an Abby bunny, an Adrienne puppy & an Addison kitty! We even had a "couch potato!" The girls had fun & got WAY too much candy, which they're still munching on. Here are some pictures from the Fall Festival.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

New place, new house, new school! That was what was in store for us as we moved to Alvin, TX in Mid-August. We're staying at the church parsonage while we're waiting to close on our Arkansas house & look for a house here.
The twins started first grade and Adrienne started Kindergarten at Hood-Case Elementary on the 25th of August. (Actually, Adrienne started a day later--we had to get shots on the 25th.) They love it and are doing so well.
Clay loves his new place of ministry, as well. The church has been great and he's adjusting well. After being hospitalized for a bout of staph during the move, he's bounced back & is going full-force.
Addison & I stay at home (most days, when we're not out trying to find out what's around us, or going to Wal-Mart for the necessary moving-essentials) and swim through the boxes on treasure hunts for our stuff!
I included a picture of Addison and our cat, Handsome, as I found them (only asleep) after a nap.

A Lot of Catching Up to Do!

OK, OK. So I KNOW it's been ages since I've updated the blog. NO, the girls are NOT in their teens yet! Since the last time I've blogged, Audrey & Abby have graduated Kindergarten, Adrienne graduated Pre-K and had her 5th birthday (July 25), we've taken numerous Summer trips, moved to Texas and started school again! WHEW! Here are some highlights in pictures. I WILL try to keep this updated... promise! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Addison!

Well, I cannot believe my baby girl is about to turn 3! Thursday, April 30th is Addison's birthday, so we had a "ladybug tea party" (her request) last Saturday. She had a great time, even though it got "rained in." She loves all her baby dolls & WordWorld friends. Here are some party pics...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Zoo-Part 2

Here are some more pictures from the Zoo field trip: Audrey posing on a bench, Abby feeding the giraffe, the girls with Mrs. (Brenda) Blaylock (in the white shirt), the girls with Mrs. Rhonda (Lewis)(in the dark shirt), & a Kindergarten class picture.

Take me to the ZOO!

Audrey & Abby had their Kindergarten class field trip today to Monroe Zoo in Monroe, Louisiana. We hadn't been to a zoo in a couple years, so it was fun now that the twins are a little older (and no strollers, diapers & bottles for me!). I think they all had a good time. We took the boat tour, but it was so bright outside, my poor babies couldn't see very much! Abby's favorite part was the "Creatures of the Night" exhibit that included owls, snakes & bats. Audrey liked the monkeys & also feeding the giraffe an ice cream cone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Fun in the Sun" Day at WSCS

Today Adrienne has "Fun in the Sun" Day at her school. They get to dress in their favorite Summer outfits (including sunglasses) & play outside (virtually all day) today. They're also having their Easter party today. I was flattered that Adrienne wanted to wear the dress I just finished for her. She looks adorable in it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adrienne's New Dress

Finally, the last one! Here's Adrienne's purple pillowcase dress, finished today. She hasn't seen it yet. Hope she likes it! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Audrey & Abby's New Dresses

OKAY, 2 more down, 1 more to go! Here is a pic of one of Audrey's & Abby's pillowcase dresses I "whipped up" (aka. "slaved over!") yesterday. Believe it or not, these WERE pillowcases! I was kinda "iffy" on the wild brightness of the material, but I think they turned out cute! The twins like them a lot, too. :) (P.S.- No, I don't usually dress them alike, but I found this pair & it seemed SOOOO much easier to get them & the ribbon at once! Besides, all the girls have started wearing each others' clothes already!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Addison's New Dress

I'm so excited! I just made this dress for Addison today & it turned out SO CUTE! I'm working on some for the rest of the girls, but Addison is here during the day & I had a chance to measure her. It's actually made from a pillowcase I picked up at Goodwill & some ribbon. The whole thing cost less than $5! Addison keeps saying, "It's so friddy (pretty)!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cute Li'l Leprechauns!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone, from our 4 li'l leprechauns & a lepre-cat! We love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Funny of the Week

(It may help to remember that Audrey has a soft, slow sweet voice...)
Audrey: Momma, can we go to McDonald's for lunch?
Momma: No, Baby, I'm making lunch for you right now.
Audrey: Well, can we go to the circus?
(Where does she come up with this?!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Outside Fun!

I took this video with my camera while we were outside yesterday. It was so warm, I pulled the car to the end of the driveway, & the girls & I spent the next hour racing down it on the plasma cars. SOOOOO fun!
(Don't adjust your volume-- The video is silent because I didn't take it with the video camera, but my photo camera.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Cooking With Abby" & other adventures...

On Monday the 19th, the girls were all out of school, so we had to find plenty of activities to keep the girlies busy! Our first project was baking strawberry muffins for breakfast, closely followed by the making of
a birthday gift: a chocolate house! Then Abby wanted to make cupcakes with her Cupcake Maker, so we turned that into a cooking show (see above picture)! We had so much fun making things and playing games all day long!

Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey & Abby!

WHERE has the time gone?! I KNOW I just delivered these beautiful girls a few months ago! Audrey & Abby turned 6 last Monday, the 19th.

They had their party on the Saturday before, at our house, which was SO FUN for everybody. We even set off a Mentos Rocket outside (thanks, Ro-Ro!). OK, so that was MY favorite part! It was great to see all the friends that came (even the Hooks family drove down to come!) and the ladies are still enjoying all their gifts.

It's hard to believe how far they've come since their tiny 1-pound selves came into this world. Watching Abby play soccer or listening to Audrey spout off a Bible memory verse, and of course, seeing their funny personalities come out & thinking, "Where did she come up with THAT?!" *sigh* Time sure does fly... Can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Blessed with so much!

Blessed with so much!