Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Addison!

Ain't she SWEET?! Our baby girl is now 2 (even though she thinks she's as big as her sisters)! She's had a great year, & she's just getting to be more fun to be around everyday (ok, maybe not EVERY day). She's the comic of the group, always looking to get a laugh, and usually succeeding. Good natured & easy-going, Addison had a great time at her birthday party, where it seemed like there were a million other kids unwrapping her gifts (especially including her sisters)! She loved the "chocky cake" & her favorite gifts were baby dolls & accessories (which was about everything). Oh, yeah and the SQUEAKY SHOES! She LOVES them (thanks a HEAP, Mimi!)

It was nice to visit with her cousins, Alyssa, Katie, Carter & Jillian (we missed you so much, Camden!) & she always loves to see her home-friends. Thanks a bunch, Wonder-Tina for the great pictures! You're so talented!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Clay!

Happy 31st Birthday, Clay! The grey is starting to show!

He woke up to little girlies showering him with cards and gifts! The two of us then enjoyed a QUIET lunch out (thanks again, Super-Jenna!), then the whole family took a trip to Monroe, LA to shop for Addison's birthday present. I think he had a good day. When we got home, it was a little to late to eat his chocolate cake, but not to late to sing & blow out candles! (The girls insisted!) Happy birthday, Claybie! We love you SO much!
**P.S.--For those of you who were worried about Abby's precious ("fur-real friend") baby piggy, Wilbur, who was tragically washed in the washing machine: Poor Wilbur is doing OK. Not as many sounds or movements, but very clean, nonetheless. Abby says "he's just getting old." She still loves him. (Nonni thinks her psychology is funny, & wonders what she'll think when they "get old!" Don't worry, Nonni. You'll never be "old", and we'd never put you in the washing machine!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speed Demons!

Wow, this blog has really gotten me taking more pictures! (But that's a good thing!) We were playing outside today & got out the two Power Wheels "Dune Bugs." I guess my sense of adventure (stupidity!) made me think it would be fun to take out that little screw that kept the car in low-speed gear. What was I thinking?! It WAS funny, though. Thank goodness we have a decent back yard. Once the girls got the hang of it (i.e.--after Momma got them "uncrashed" for the thousandth time) we all had fun. You can really get a glimpse into their different little personalities by looking at how they drive! Watch out for the Owens Girls in about 10-12 years!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pizza Picnic on the Trampoline

It's so refreshing to do something a little out of the ordinary! This weekend, the weather was so nice that we just had to get outside. We ended the day by having a pizza picnic on our trampoline. The girls LOVED it (plus, clean-up was a breeze--all the mess went to the weighted-down center!). Then we played awhile more & ended up all back on the trampoline lying down watching the stars come out. It was great!

**Life moment from Audrey** Last Wednesday, after having injured her big toe (pretty badly) AND slamming her hand in the car door (hinge side), Audrey was running around the church sanctuary after choir practice (a no-no). She fell, & her toe started to bleed again. She came to me to "fix it." I said "Audrey, what am I going to do with you?" to which she replied in her slow, soft voice, "Um, take care of me?" So sweet! How could I resist?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Easter Outfits

We finally had a day nice enough to go outside and take pictures of everyone in their Easter outfits. The girls looked so pretty. They're growing up too fast.

Easter Celebration 2008

The girls had a wonderful time coloring and hunting eggs this year. Addison was finally big enough to get in on the fun! Audrey discovered what was really inside a hard-boiled Easter egg. Adrienne loved the toy princess phone that was in her Easter basket. Abby couldn't eat enough chocolate!

Blessed with so much!

Blessed with so much!